If Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt

However, at times it might get damaged or corrupted. A missing binkw32.dll error message will appear when playing any PC game that utilizes the Bink Video codec. If the .dll files are missing due to unintentional deletion, you can use EaseUS data recovery software to restore the files with ease. If you have any questions in addressing the problem, you can contact our technical support team for help. One of the most popular missing DLL files errors on Windows 10 is the MSCVP110.dll issue with an error message ‘The program can’t start because MSVCP110.dll is missing from your computer.

Now search for entries in the registry and delete them. However, this method of cleaning registry entries is little bit risky as it may result in lot of problems. The best and the most suitable way for cleaning Windows 8 registry is advanced third-party registry cleaning software and one such tool is “Remo Optimizer”. The registry is physically stored in several files, which are generally obfuscated from the user-mode APIs used to manipulate the data inside the registry. Depending upon the version of Windows, there will be different files and different locations for these files, but they are all on the local machine. The location for system registry files in Windows NT is %SystemRoot%\System32\Config; the user-specific HKEY_CURRENT_USER user registry hive is stored in Ntuser.dat inside the user profile.

  • When you’re signed in back into Windows here, follow the steps to turn on .NET Framework 4.5 again.
  • So, whenever you perceive that the system is taking long in finding and launching applications, defrag your registry with free Registry Recycler’s Defrag utility.
  • A corrupted file is one that has become unusable.
  • The event level will tell you the severity of the event being recorded.

U003cbru003eu003cbru003eSimultaneously, the /f command also instructs the disk utility tool to attempt and repair all detected errors on your drive. So these are the seven ways you can diagnose disk-related errors on your Windows 11 PC. If you are still able to log into your PC, I suggest looking for errors, fixing them, and backing up data before things get awry with a hard drive failure. If you are getting a black screen on Windows 11, we have compiled a number of solutions to fix that issue as well. And if the Windows 11 update is not going through, and you are constantly facing the “Undoing changes made to your computer” error, follow our guide to resolve the problem right away. Finally, if you have any questions about Windows 11 errors or issues, let us know in the comments section below.

If you have performed a System Image Recovery procedure before, what was your experience? As always, if you have comments or information to share about this topic, please take a moment to drop by the TechRepublic Community Forums and let us hear from you. Since there are no other drives in my example, the Exclude Disks button is unavailable. If you have multiple drives you can click the Exclude Disks button and choose the drive you want to restore. The second screen in the Re-Image Your Computer wizard provides you with a number of options to choose from. If you have created a System Repair Disc, you can boot from that disk as well and access the System Recovery Options.

Roll Back Network Adapter Driver

Just about every computer user has encountered a problem opening a program or file. Sometimes a simple reboot will correct this, but corrupt files often prove resistant to this fail safe. A corrupted file is essentially a file that has become damaged and refuses to open properly. On the very rare occurrence that DISM fails to repair corrupted files correctly, or if you aren’t connected to the Internet, you’ll need to fix them manually. Check out Microsoft’s support pages to learn more on configuring Windows repair sources and repairing Windows images. If there are any corrupt or missing files after performing one of the scans mentioned above, you can repair them automatically.

The netwtw04.sys error in Windows 10 is a Blue Screen of Death stop code that happens when you open an app or unplug your headphones. Depending on the size of the game, this process may take a while. Press the Ctrl and F keys simultaneously open the Find dialog.

Steps to Recover Hard Disk Lost Data with Best Hard Drive Recovery Software

If repairing didn’t work, try checking your Hard Disk, and see if it has malfunctioned. Unfortunately, if your hard disk is irreparable, you have to get a new one. Press ‘Yes’ if you see this message to set up the disk check. Now, start the disk check process by restarting your PC. The hard drive is the most dependable unit of any computer system.

PowerShell is a freely available Microsoft automation and scripting platform. It aims to assist its users in creating efficient scripts, helping them accomplish their jobs more effectively. Many useful functions and commands are available in PowerShell, which are known as cmdlets. We can utilize PowerShell to view crash logs in Windows.

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