How to Update and Download Nvidia Drivers without GeForce Experience

Once installed on your PC, NVIDIA Update scans your hardware configuration and your current driver version to determine the appropriate driver for your NVIDIA GPUs. This information is sent to NVIDIA and matched to our driver database to check for updates. You can configure how often you want NVIDIA to check for updates.

To perform a reinstallation, you should back up all your files and programs. You should not try restoring them once you’ve completed the process. This is because it will be difficult to restore the same programs or data. Thankfully, there are software products like Migration Kit Pro that help you to backup and restore your files, settings, and applications.

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For many years NVIDIA has been consistently dominant over its chief competitor AMD, so it’s no surprise that most users would want an NVIDIA graphics card for their PC. Even if that dynamic might change, NVIDIA is generally the safer choice. It can be caused by falling current driver or application which is still using driver.

  • 3) If the updates are available, click on install and restart the computer.
  • Windows has slowly gotten better about switching between driver families, but there’s a reason that third-party utilities like Display Driver Uninstaller are still important.
  • The dedicated built-in utility is responsible for keeping most of your devices’ drivers up-to-date silently.

In some cases, a manufacturer may release a hotfix that will fix the problem. Rollback the driver to a previous version to fix the incompatibility issue. Reinstall or update the driver to the latest version to fix bugs.

Nvidia details a fix for Cyberpunk 2077 artifacts with their new 522.25 drivers

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It is compatible with all Windows versions. Select the driver according to your situation. In this case, you want to download GTX 1050 Ti drivers, you need to select GeForce 10 Series. Reboot your computer to complete the installation process.

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